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  1. Kenny & Heathor Kulber says:

    how do we get one? how much are they?are the limited editions more money? we sure would like a blue one – they’re beautiful! Please let us know –

  2. Brandon says:

    Alex, This piece is beautiful (they all are). What I would not give to possess your talent. Keep inspiring us with your beauty. Thank you

  3. Theresa Watson says:

    I want to buy this poster The Marshall Tucker Band. Moonalice

  4. hal wert says:


    Any chance I can get a signed copy of James Taylor Hillary benefit concert poster. I’d be happy to pay cash of trade a signed copy of either of my two books: “Hope: A Collection of Obama Posters and Prints” or George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents: The Best Campaign and Political Posters of the Last Fifty Years.”

    I love your poster.


  5. Dire Wolf says:

    Included in the art database at

  6. michael tomei says:

    how do you find the price of each poster

    • Alex says:

      PayPal button will show up at noon. Price will be $40 for this one? Does that answer your question? Feel free to contact me if you have anymore. Best Alex

  7. Rick says:

    Alex—Pay Pal says $50. Which is it?

  8. Rick says:

    Never mind. Shipping.