When I got the task of mak­ing a David Byrne’s poster it made me pause for a moment, “Bet­ter think out­side the box or do some­thing dif­fer­ent”, I thought. Well… I always wanted to do a silkscreened poster with­out any black, like some of the turn of the 20 cen­tury lith­o­graphs. I had never done that before and this art­work in my opin­ion just lent itself to that con­cept. Also, what I really like about the result­ing print, is that since there isn’t any black over­print­ing in the poster, you can see the color trap­ping, which cre­ates a vis­i­ble, sec­ondary, col­ored line-work. The punchy Fire­house metallics of cause give it an amaz­ing mod­ern look 😉 My draw­ing, which is adapted from a sketch found in an old ger­man mag­a­zine, needed lots of love and atten­tion, before it was able to be brought back to life again in this cen­tury. I just loved the con­cept for David Byrne & St. Vin­cent, again, because it’s a lit­tle weird and it’s upside down, as well as beau­ti­ful and allur­ing. We printed an edi­tion of 150 posters for the show at The Orpheum The­ater in San Fran­cisco, CA on Octo­ber 15th, 2012. It’s silkscreened in 3 col­ors, at the Hangar 18 in Oak­land, CA, and wouldn’t have been pos­si­ble with­out the gra­cious and expert work & help of Chuck Sperry. The poster is 17.25″ x 27.75″, printed on cougar stock and is #168 in the FHGV series. As always the edi­tion is signed and numbered.

Dave Byrne & St. Vincent rock poster by Alex Fischer

David Byrne & St. Vin­cent
Octo­ber 15th, 2012 at The Orpheum The­atre
Poster Size: 17.25“w x 27.75“h
Edi­tion: 150 signed & num­bered
Stock: Cougar 100 lb




Detail Headliner



Detail Silver Dress



Detail Hair


Photo taken with Flash:

Photo taken with Flash


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